Bloody Bob’s is an all­ nat­ural, com­plete Bloody Mary mix. In cre­at­ing Bloody Bob’s, the vision was to offer a mix that already con­tained the req­ui­site ingre­di­ents for an out­stand­ing Bloody Mary ­ the prospec­tive cus­tomer could rely on the mix itself with­out the need to add any addi­tional spices, horse­rad­ish, or sea­son­ings of other kinds.  After years of exper­i­men­ta­tion, Bloody Bob has cre­ated a highly suc­cess­ful mix of spices used gen­er­ously for depth and heat ­ ice and a favorite spirit are all the cus­tomer need add to com­plete the per­fect drink.  Bloody Bob’s is built from a veg­e­tar­ian bouil­lon which cre­ates a thicker mix that will not become watered down when poured over ice.  In addi­tion, much care went into find­ing ingre­di­ents that not only bring the best taste but also sat­isfy those con­sumers who value qual­ity in their pur­chases.  Bloody Bob’s responds to the grow­ing mar­ket of sophis­ti­cated buy­ers who insist on all­natural ingredients.Vegetarian

All Nat­ural

Thick, Spicy, Robust and Memorable

All­ In ­One Mix for Ease and Efficiency

No MSG, Sodium Ben­zoate, High­Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy or Fish/Anchovy Flavorings