Bloody Bob’s is an all­ natural, complete Bloody Mary mix. In creating Bloody Bob’s, the vision was to offer a mix that already contained the requisite ingredients for an outstanding Bloody Mary ­ the prospective customer could rely on the mix itself without the need to add any additional spices, horseradish, or seasonings of other kinds.  After years of experimentation, Bloody Bob has created a highly successful mix of spices used generously for depth and heat ­ ice and a favorite spirit are all the customer need add to complete the perfect drink.  Bloody Bob’s is built from a vegetarian bouillon which creates a thicker mix that will not become watered down when poured over ice.  In addition, much care went into finding ingredients that not only bring the best taste but also satisfy those consumers who value quality in their purchases.  Bloody Bob’s responds to the growing market of sophisticated buyers who insist on all­natural ingredients.Vegetarian

All Natural

Thick, Spicy, Robust and Memorable

All­ In ­One Mix for Ease and Efficiency

No MSG, Sodium Benzoate, High­Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy or Fish/Anchovy Flavorings