WHERE TO BUY Bob’s Bloody Mary Mix !!!

Bloody Bob’s Bloody Mary Mix is avail­able from these fine retail­ers:
Sono­ma Coun­ty

Big Johns  Healds­burg
Costeaux Bak­ery  Healds­burg
Shelton’s Mar­ket  Healds­burg
Healds­burg Bar & Grill  Healds­burg
Casa del Mole  Healds­burg
Thrive Hydro  Healds­burg
Bot­tle Barn  San­ta Rosa
Oliver’s Mar­ket Stony Point  San­ta Rosa
Oliver’s Mar­ket  Mon­tecito Cen­ter San­ta Rosa
Oliver’s Mar­ket  Cotati
Pacif­ic Mar­ket  San­ta Rosa
Pacif­ic Mar­ket Sebastopol
Molsberry’s Mar­ket San­ta Rosa
Canevari’s Deli  San­ta Rosa
Stewart’s Point Store  Stewart’s Point
Wilibee’s — Petaluma
Healds­burg Empo­ri­um  Healds­burg
Chalk­board Bistro  Healds­burg
Oak­mont Vil­lage Mar­ket  San­ta Rosa

Men­do­ci­no Coun­ty

Surf Mar­ket  Gualala
Har­vest Mar­ket Fort Bragg
Jeriko Cel­lars & Wine Lounge

Hum­boldt Coun­ty

Arca­ta Liquors  Arca­ta
Hutchins Mar­ket  Arca­ta
Wild­ber­ries Mar­ket  Arca­ta
Arca­ta Co-op Arca­ta
Myrtle­wood Liquors & John’s Cig­ar  Eure­ka
Tomo Sushi  Arca­ta
Eure­ka Nat­ur­al Foods  Eure­ka
Cecil’s New Orleans Bistro  Gar­berville
Murphy’s Mar­kets  Blue Lake  Trinidad  Cut­ten
Sun­ny Brae West­wood Cen­ter
Tomaso’s Dis­trib­ut­ing  Blue Lake
Express Liquor’s  For­tu­na
North Coast Co-op  Arca­ta
North Coast Co-op  Eure­ka
Chau­tauqua Nat­ur­al Foods  Gar­berville
Bev­er­age & Foods Plus  For­tu­na

San Fran­cis­co Coun­ty

The Jug Shop (Polk and Pacif­ic)  San Fran­cis­co
SF Fer­ry Plaza  Wine Mer­chant
D&M Liquors  Fill­more Street
Mari­na Super­mar­ket  Chest­nut Street
Farm Fresh To You  Fer­ry Build­ing

Marin Coun­ty

Mill Val­ley Mar­ket
Bar Boc­ce  Sausal­i­to
Wood­lands Mar­ket

Con­tra Cos­ta Coun­ty

Draeger’s Mar­ket  Danville

Solano Coun­ty

Gen­tle­man Jim’s

… or pur­chase Bloody Bob’s World Famous Bloody Mary Mix right here, right now, shipped right to your door, use our Pay­Pal link below.

$18 per bot­tle
Ship­ping is includ­ed.